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Services and Prices

Outcall Relaxation Massage Bucharest

Therapeutic Massage

An oil massage performed with a pressure as you like and nee done on to the entire body or on a certain part of the body.

Price: 1h – 55€/ 1h 30 min – 80€/ 2h – 100€

Deep-tissue Massage

Medium to deep pressure massage that relieves muscle tension; good for chronic and overuse injuries.

Price: 1h – 55€/ 1h 30 min – 80€/ 2h – 100€

Relaxing Massage

A light to medium pressure massage, good for relieving stress. It is a whole body relaxing massage made like in a spa.

Price: 1h – 50€/ 1h 30 min – 70€/ 2h – 95

Shiatsu Treatment

A form of bodywork from Japan. It uses kneading, pressing, soothing, tapping, and stretching techniques and it is performed without oil through light, comfortable clothing on the mat.

Price per session: 1h – 60€/ 1h 30 min – 80€

Massage with Bamboo

A dynamic anticellulite and antifat massage with natural bamboo sticks.

Price: 1h – 55€/ 1h 30 min – 80€/ 2h – 100€

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Is a gentle massage technique that helps the flow of lymphatic fluid. So it will remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues.

Price: 1h – 55€/ 1h 30 min – 80€/ 2h – 100€

Hot-Stone Massage

A top massage technique combined with the use of hot volcanic stones.

Some of them will “stay” and warm your spine, hands and kidneys while with some others the therapist will glide over your body, melting down all the tension in the muscles.

It is a deeply relaxation experience both the the body and for the mind. We are using natural basalt stones and a professional heater.

Price: 1h 30 min – 90€/ 2h – 110€

Osteopathic Treatment

Osteopathic techniques are natural holistic ones which aims to restore function by treating the causes of pain and imbalance, developing the body’s natural ability to heal.

Price per session: 1h – 60€/ 1h 30 min – 85€

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Lomi-Lomi Massage

The hawaiian so called “loving hands”. Long maneuvers made along the body mostly with forearms.

Price: 1h – 55€/ 1h 30 min -80€/ 2h – 100€

Reflexology (Feet Massage)

A relaxing feet massage. Working the entire foot opens nerve pathways and blockages and promotes relaxation throughout the body.

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Price: 1h – 45

Facial Massage

Facial massages is a nice massage technique that involves stimulating some pressure points on the on the face and neck.

It promotes healthy and beautiful skin while relaxing your facial muscles. It has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect, helping you look and feel better.

Price: 30 min – 40€/ 1h – 70€

Intuitive Massage

A massage as you like it. Is a customized therapy according to your individual needs and therapist’s inspiration.

Can be a mixture of other massage types. You can also let the therapist use his/her own intuition and experience to express in an unique relaxation experience

Price: 1h – 55€/ 1h 30 min -80€/ 2h – 100€

4 Hands Massage

If you want to relax faster and deeper and you have not so much time then the best choice is to book a 4 hands massage.

First you choose the type of the massage you need and then we make a 10€ discount for you.

Is also interesting…you follow at first both therapists hands and then you lost it and surrender. The effect is not double as you might think but triple.

Price: any massage x 2 -10€

Massage for Couples

If you request a massage session as a couple, first you choose the type of the massage.

Then you decide together if you want the massage one after another (so only one therapist will come) or you want the massage in the same time (2 therapist will come and you need to have space for that).

And after that we discount you with 10 no matter of your choice.

Price: any massage x 2 -10€

Thai Massage

Thai massage combines chiropractic and acupuncture exercises with all the muscles stretching borrowed from yoga. The final effect is reballancing the four elements of the body.  We have only one male therapist. Please book with 1 day in advance. Read more about…

Price: 1h 30 min – 80€/ 2h – 110

Bowen Technique

It is a system of subtle and precise mobilizations called “Bowen moves” over muscles, tendons, nerves and fascia. The moves are performed using the thumbs and fingers applying only gentle, non invasive pressure.

A treatment consists of a series of specific sequences of moves called procedures, with frequent pauses to allow time for the body to respond.

Price: 1 session – 55

Majestic Chakra Balancing

A special therapy combined with essential oils and healing crystals made especially on the seven chakras. Is recharging and balancing the entire being.

Price: 1h – 65

Raindrop Therapy

Young Living’s proprietary Raindrop Technique® combines unique, targeted massage with pure, authentic essential oils for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience.

Price: 1 session: 80 if the therapist brings the essential oils and 50 if you have your own oil set (see it here)


Important Notes

*For mobile massages, sometimes it is possible to come also before and after our working program (9am-9pm) for an extra charge of 20€.

*If you want a massage table, there is an extra charge of 20€ (for bring it by taxi). Else the massage is performed on your bed and the masseuse will bring a disposable sheet to protect it.

*Please book with at least 90 min before.

*You can pay in US Dollars, Euros, Pounds and Lei or by credit card.

*Please read carefully the contraindications in massage therapy

Booking by email at must be made at least 1 day before.

Make a quick booking by calling, texting or using whatsapp, telegram or signal at +40 734 367 307.

Loyalty is rewarded! See below the discounts:

Our regular customers will receive special free gifts and also discounts.

After 4 massage sessions, the fifth has 50% discount from the price. (*1 massage = 1 visit no matter how long the massage is. If you choose different massage types, the discount will be calculated for the average amount);

If you pay 10 sessions in advance, you will have 20% discount from the original price;

The loyal clients will receive a free massage session at their birthday.

*Only one type of discount can be applied.

***Please note that Majestic Mobile Massage does not diagnose, prescribe medications, or claim that our services or products, cure, treat, or prevent disease or illness’s. Please consult your physician for any medical concerns and make sure you are allowed to receive a massage. Individual results vary. All of our therapists are licensed and insured by the ministry diplomas to provide wellness services to all clients.