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​We are a team of Romanian enthusiast and professional massage therapists ready to relax you with the best quality massage services at reasonable prices in Bucharest, Romania. 

Each of our therapists are specialized in some massage types and when you contact us for a massage booking we distribute with attention.

All of them are very polite, trusty and educated. With over 7 years of experience, we do our outmost to deliver amazing hight standards services ensuring our customers for a personalized one to one relaxing experience.

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​Who we are

​​We are Majestic Massage Salon from Bucharest and our therapists love to pamper you with personalized massage sessions.

You deserve an unhurried massage done by professionals. So take your time and just deeply relax.

The center is equipped with everything necessary for an extraordinary massage. You can take a shower, you have everything you need at your disposal.

You can also pay by card.

A perfect relaxation

Yes, of course!

At Majestic Massage Salon - located right in the city center, near Old Town - you can have very good quality professional massages with certified therapists.

Gift vouchers

Do you have someone who needs a good relaxation and pamper? You can make a special and useful gift with a tailored massage. Choose the massage or the therapy type and we will do it.

Contact us for more details.


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​Tips for a great massage

  • ​​​Try as possible to avoid eating 1.5 hours before and after the massage session. The massage can become really uncomfortable and not so effective if you have a huge dinner right before your appointment or you drink too much liquids.
  • ​​From our experience we can say the best lenght of a proper massage session is 90 min. You will have time to deeply relax also your mind not only your body. 
  • ​Before any massage, if you know you have some health condition, please talk to your personal physician first, so we will be sure no problem occurs after. Also notify your massage therapist before the massage about them so she/he will know how to adapt the maneuvers and pressure.
  • ​​​Communicate your needs clearly before and even during the massage session. Speak up about temperature, music choice or volume, massage pressure, speed and maneuvers etc. A good experience is important and we are always happy to hear you.
  • ​​
    ​Turn your phone on silent mode. You can't really relax if you're answering calls, checking emails and send texts. Value your relaxation time.
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Edgar Quinet 10, Bucharest

phone number

​​+40772 297 695 


​​+40772 297 695

our program

Mo-Su 10am-10pm

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