How to prepare for a massage session?

First you must find a good massage center. If someone close recommend one is good, if not, look at google reviews and choose one. Then make a booking. Most of the good massage centers are working by bookings only.

Choose the right massage for you. If you don’t know what do you need you may call to ask advice. Anyhow, you need to consider the pressure (soft, medium, hard), the massage technique and the length of the session.

From our experience, a massage under 1h it’s not worth it to go. If you want to really relax, consider to take a 90 min session.

Take a shower before (at home or at the center). To be clean is a must and also a benefit for your skin to absorb properly the massage oil.

Don’t eat too much before a massage session. A light meal 2h prior is enough. Also, do not drink too many liquids because else you must interrupt your relaxation to go to the bathroom.

After the massage session is very recommended to drink a lot of water. Massage stimulates the limphatic circulation and you need to hydrate yourself.

Do not drink alcohol or be under the drugs. Massage stimulates all the fluids in the body, and alcohol or drugs spread faster and have even worse effect.

During massage, if something is not good for you is better to tell to your massage therapist. “Suffering in silence” will not help you. Value your precious relaxation time and say directly what is the problem: the temperature is too high/low, the pressure is too soft/hard, about the light, the noise, the music, scents, you want a stressed area to be worked more or anything is bothering you.

After the massage is good to rest at home to deepen your relaxation and feel it’s wellness benefits.

You must have your own “me time” for time to time and to re-balance. That will help you in your harmonious relations also at work to be more efficient.

Whenever you take your relaxation, we wish you to have a great massage experience!