Majestic Massage in Bucharest – one of the best

When you want to find a good mobile or outcall massage in Bucharest, you may look to some websites like Trip-advisor or Yelp with real reviews and that is natural. The problem is that not so many international big websites accept the mobile massage category and some even don’t have a branch in Romania. We tried too, of course.

An other thing would be to read the clients testimonies but how real they are…

How do I know you are trustworthy?

Well, we can only say that you just need sometimes to take our word and go on a blind trust. I tell you here: you will be pleased about our services! 99% of our clients are and if they book a massage in Bucharest once, they remember us and ask for our services again.

So, if you need a good massage in Bucharest and you don’t want to waste your time too much on searching, then is quite simple: make a call at +40-734367307 or text at this number on whatsapp and book you massage in Bucharest.

Simple and easy. Please book with some time in advance

We have one small request: try to call with some time in advance and durring our working hours. Lately we had some calls or texts for massage like that: ” I want to book a massage session now, in half of hour” or some at 11pm “I want a massage now!”

We do our best for each of our clients

We are always trying to please most of our clients but sometimes is really hard to say to a therapist: “please get there in 30 min!” cause is normal for them first to take a shower before each massage and then pick a taxi and go to the place the client is. If the location is far away, this simply cannot be done. Bucharest at rush hours is really crowded.

How about a massage in Bucharest early in the morning or late in the night?

Well, if you want a massage session at 8 am after you do your morning fitness, is ok, but is better if you book it in the yesterday’s evening. Else our secretary may lose your early call and you miss your relaxation time.

If you know you would have a busy day and you need a massage later after 9 pm, that’s ok too but is better to book it with some hours in advance…either our therapists end usually the program at 9pm and will be not available anymore. If is late, is also easy to understand that if they come, each therapist will add a small fee for the late working (sometime they end the massage at 12 am and for the taxi (cause they cannot use the public transportation at late hours).

I hope you understand our point…and look forward to relaxing you.

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