Holidays are a Time to Both Give and Receive Massage

The winter holidays will come soon and we should do things that will approach us more.

Not everybody hava a diploma in massage but we all have hands and we can use them to get closer to our beloved ones.

Making a massage to your loved one, to a friend or a familly member is easy and so pleasant for both of you.

So, warm the room enough, prepare a bed and some fresh towels, get some massage oil and invite him/her to relaxation!  The smile will definetely appear soon. 🙂

Start with the back and the continue with the hands and legs. Is not necessary to stress yourself you don’t know so much the maneuvers…move your hands continuously and folow the heart.

Massage releases “feel good” hormones that increase the bonding between individuals and which help relieve stress, so if it is given when both of you are receptive to it and will enjoy the experience, it should help improve your relationship with one another.

It definitely makes us closer and more cuddly overall. It also floods brain with lots of happy “love” chemicals and that can’t possibly be a bad thing.

Loving is to be deeply invested in someone else’s happiness.