Central Bucharest Massage

Do you want a good but also central Bucharest massage?

Many tourists come in Bucharest and after the long exausting walking to accomplish their checking list, the best is to eat some good romanian food and then to have a great massage, of course.

Some will want a massage for the whole body and some would want just a feet massage. Both are great as long as the pain is gone and the relaxation is taking place.

Then, what to choose…incall or outcall Bucharest massage?

Well, that depends if you still can walk at least a bit till our centre from Stirbei Voda 29A. Of course, between 12am-8pm.

If not, then we will come to your place whenever you are in Bucharest for a good massage. You deserve it.

Is there a diffferent price between inhouse and mobile Bucharest massage?

No. The price is the same even if for us will take more time and effort to come to your place. We want just to please you and to offer you one of the best Bucharest massage.

How far in advance should I make the booking?

Well, usually at least 2 hours in advance is ok. Bucharest is a slow traffic town and getting to some areas can be a real challenge.

But we take the bookings as they come and if we have many bookings then more hours, even 1 day before would be better. In this way, you will have for sure a booking of Bucharest massage.