The 4 hands massage -a must at least once!

What means 4 Hands Massage?

Very briefly, it is a massage performed by two therapists in the same time. They are synchronizing and coordinating the movements like in a mirror in a perfect harmony, combining the acupressure with delicate and appropriate movements intensity, but also mild muscular compression moves, and at the end of this experience, the sensation is truly like you are very light.

Why to choose the 4 hands massage?

The relaxation feeling is deeper and more intense and the pain from the muscles release in a shorter time.

Test an extravagance of any massage, the 4 Hands Massage

The first moves of the massage might be a little “strange” because the mind sometimes focus on what is happening and cannot keep the rithm with simultaneous movements. You might tend to compare the different levels of pressure of the therapists’ hands also their technique.

But soon this “strange” feeling is not lasting longer, and after this “stereo” analysis of the brain, will folow a state of “letting go” and relaxation takes its place.

And then you will surrender in the expert hands of our masseurs and then you will taste both physically and mentally pleasure of release in the senses.

You just enjoy how every area of your body is carefully worked, and at the end, the feeling is like floating on a cloud:  relaxed, calm, smiling.